Liverpool will be nucleus of marketing revolution, say Group Dane

Liverpool marketing agency Group Dane is marking the launch a new content marketing hub in the city with the release of brand new book Content Marketing Revolution.


Group Dane founder and content marketing expert, Dane Brookes, has written the book to help businesses of all sizes adapt to the demise of traditional marketing, using five key steps towards developing, executing and monitoring a content marketing strategy that involves using content to attract more customers, increase sales and excite brand loyalty.

The book includes contributions from leading content experts, including Olivier award-winning Liverpool writer, Mark Davies Markham, and Emmy award-winning New York television producer, Debora Fougere. The foreword by Matt Warnock, Digital Editor in Chief at Philips.

Group Dane’s content marketing expert hub, which will officially launch in October, will pull together a collection of the best content producers and strategists all over the world to prove businesses with the best marketing solutions.

Founder of  Group Dane, Dane Brookes said:

“As consumers’ lives become more digital, the demise of traditional marketing becomes increasingly apparent. Businesses have an opportunity to revolutionise their place in the market with valuable, compelling content. Content Marketing Revolution helps businesses to understand the power of content marketing, while also learning how to succeed in five crucial steps.”

“The book launches ahead of Group Dane’s content marketing hub. We want to do this in Liverpool because of the huge amount of creativity that exists in the city. But beyond that, one of the great things about our hub is that isn’t limited to just one place. It’s virtual, which means we’ll be pulling together content specialists from all over the world and providing resources to businesses of all sizes.”


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