Female-only lifestyle boutique urge Liverpool ladies to schedule more ‘me time’

As most f us settle back into business this month following the summer holiday period, a leading Liverpool health and wellbeing professional has issued a warning to encourage more ‘me time’.

Nourish, the ladies-only lifestyle boutique based in Liverpool’s Hatton Garden on the edge of the business district, has revised their membership packages in order to offer working women financially-flexible, time-friendly options.

In a further move to encourage more professional women operating in the city to take care of their wellbeing, Nourish have partnered with the Liverpool Ladies Network (LLN) to promote work-life balance.

Studies show that pressures facing modern, working mums means in most cases they end up with considerably less time to themselves each week than working dads.

Recent studies reveal that on average, working women take on around 10 hours more work in the home compared to men, often shouldering the responsibility of childcare, cleaning and other domestic chores, leaving less time than ever for themselves.

Grace McGinnis, founder of Nourish, an entrepreneur and a mother-of-one said: “When time gets tight the first thing women remove is ‘me-time’, we tend to see this as more of a luxury than a necessity and end up eliminating it completely and at Nourish we want to be the remedy to this.”

Grace says at Nourish, they have noticed that many women now choose to exercise in the mornings before work, between 7-8am – as opposed to the evening, which was previously the norm.

On partnering with Liverpool Ladies Network, Grace added: “It seemed natural to us to get behind the Liverpool Ladies Network – as these are the women truly at the heart of what makes Liverpool a great place to do business, so their lifestyles are filled to the brim in every possible way. But we also know that ‘me-time’ for these inspiring ladies, still needs to happen and we want to support that.”

LLN is a not-for-profit organisation that provides an inclusive environment for like-minded women to build relationships and develop new business within Merseyside and is run by a voluntary committee of local female professionals.

Lindsey Moore, chair of the LLN, said: “We are delighted that Nourish are the official sponsor or LLN. Being based in the city centre Nourish is conveniently located to provide our members with some ‘time out’ to look after themselves, exercise, get their hair and beauty treatments done or simply relax in luxury.”

Following a recent renovation, Nourish held a series of spa days for members of the LLN, where they had a chance to try out the fully equipped gym, luxury spa with plunge pools, treatments and the yoga studio, which can be used for both hot and cold practice.

Grace added: “We want ‘me-time’ to be a part of the daily activity; whether that’s yoga, meditation, a workout or spa treatments, from 7am right through to 9pm at night, we are open to respond to those needs. Nourish wants to eliminate female self-sacrifice and promote a new ‘self-care resolution’ and this partnership is certainly a great start.”

For more information and details visit www.nourishliverpool.com


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